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Skies Responsive Theme


During the day the Sun can be seen in the sky, unless covered by clouds. In the night sky (and to some extent during the day) the moon, planets and stars are visible in the sky. Some of the natural phenomena seen in the sky are clouds, rainbows, and aurorae.

All icons and images that you see on this Demo site are free for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution. They may not be redistributed.

Enjoy using this theme!

Here’s the list of the theme’s most important features:

  • 8 pre-defined color schemes, unlimited options! Select desired scheme in theme parameters. You are not limited to our pre-defined schemes. You can also input your own color, in example to match it with your company logo.
  • 6 background images available with 6 color variations. It can be a solid color as well. All background images will fit perfectly on screen, no matter what screen resolution you have.
  • Hot Image Slider: With this responsive plugin included in the theme bundle, you can create a slideshow in minutes.
  • Hot Maps: This plugin can be used for showing any address from Google Maps in your site as a widget.

Hot Skies theme is responsive, powered by Bootstrap. It looks great on all devices, including mobiles. The theme has valid HTML5 code. There are 4 menu positions including fast-loading top menu with drop-down submenu items. There are several jQuery scripts integrated in this theme:

  • Reflection script with height and opacity parameters for adding reflection effect under pictures (can be disabled).
  • jQuery Lightbox plugin Hot Photo Gallery.
  • jQuery Scroll to Top feature (can be disabled).
  • jQuery Font resize feature with cookie that keeps visitor’s selection (can be disabled).

Hot Skies has 15 widget positions. It’s tested on IE9+, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. PSD source files are included. HotStart files are included to help you to copy this Demo site on your server.

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