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This theme supports Live Customizer, a new and fantastic WordPress feature that will speed up your work. While changing theme and widgets options, you will see the results immediately.

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Hot Photo Gallery Plugin

All you need to make a WordPress site with galleries of images is Hot Photo Gallery plugin. If you install it using HotStart method, our Photo Gallery plugin ($15 value) will be installed as well.

Upload images for Gallery in a folder on your server (using WordPress Media Manager or FTP). Make sure the folder is writable. Make a page or post in WordPress (like this one) with or without text and use this shortcode:


You should remove the *’s in practice as they are included to actually prevent the plugin from working in this place.

Our plugin will do the rest for you. What it does?

  • Automatically makes thumbnail images and save them in /thumbs subfolder of your folder with images. You select thumbnail image width in the plugin properties, default is 200 (Settings > Hot Photo Gallery Plugin Settings).
  • Replaces your snippet with a series of thumbnail images. You select how many images per row in the plugin properties, default is 3.
  • Create Lightbox slideshow. Click on any thumbnail will open larger image in Lightbox pop-up. User can browse images (prev/next) in the pop-up.

Hot Start!

Hot StartHot Start! is available with each theme. It allows you to create a copy of this demo.

Hot Film Tape

Hot Image SliderWith Hot Film Tape responsive plugin included, you can create slideshow in minutes.

Responsive Theme

Hot StartThe latest version of Hot Skies theme is responsive, powered by Bootstrap.

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