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Support For Two Menu Systems

Hot Mega Menu

Hot Mega Menu is advanced menu system that’s incorporated in some of our themes. It allows you to show more sub menu links and organize them in several panes. Additionally, it allows you to publish WordPress widgets in drop-down panes of Mega Menu.

To activate this menu system, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Appereance > Menus. Create new menu and name it "mega" (without quotes). On the same page, you can create some menu items (custom links, pages or categories). Menu items from the first level will be main buttons of your mega menu. Menu items from the second level will be headings of your mega menu panes. Menu items from the third level will be links in your mega menu panes. The fourth and higher level menu items are not allowed in this menu system.

Widget in the Mega Menu pane

You can make any WordPress widget to appear in a pane of your mega menu. To achieve that, you should make a menu item in the second level as blind link (custom link with # as URL). Finally, make a menu item (custom link) in the third level (under the blind link), leave URL field empty and type #LOAD# in Navigation Label field.

When mega menu script finds the first #LOAD# command, it will change it with widget from the sidebar position megamenu1. The next will be changed with megamenu2, and so on, up to megamenu10.

If you are installing template using our HOT Start package, all parameters for the Mega Menu will be set automatically after installation.

Classic drop-down menu

This theme has a fast-loading, jQuery based top menu with nested sub-menus. Sub-menu opens with a nice animation effect. Core WordPress files are not hacked. To create a menu with drop-down sub menus, please do the following:

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus.
  2. Add new menu and name it "nav" (without quotes).
  3. Add some menu items to this menu (custom links, pages, categories).
  4. Make some of them as child menu items (drag one menu item under another menu item).
  5. On your site you can see the result instantly.

In the theme options page, you can select one of the available menu effects:

  • Fade
  • Scroll down
  • Drop-in
  • No effect (if you are bored of effects) 🙂

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